Once a month, we will put on a webinar for parents that will go over the basics of how to talk to your teenager and the very basics of the Dream Job Blueprint.

Once a month, The Dream Job Factory will put on a 90-minute live premium webinar that shows how to identify a dream job for teens or adults.  Basic workbooks will be provided and a live question and answer session will follow each webinar. As the webinar will be a premium workshop, attendees will get the option to buy the full online course at a discount equal to the price of attending the webinar.

To find out when the next webinar will be put on, insert your name and e-mail address in the form below – you’ll also get a free video series on how to talk to your kids about what they want to do after their schooling is complete.


Available through an online application or on location in your area, Dream Job Factory workshops can be presented with varying degrees of depth in the full Blueprint.  Workshops are designed to be attended by adults with their teens so both can understand the concepts and work through them at home.

Workshops are generally offered in these packages – please contact us if you have different needs that require a special solution.