The online class is probably the best way to go through The Dream Job Blueprint.  Users can take their time with the 12 modules and parents can also coach their teens as the book “Helping your Child Identify and Get their Dream Job” accompanies the class itself.

The class breaks down into the following modules:

Module 1 – Introduction

Module 2 – Identifying Interests.

Module 3 – Identifying Abilities

Module 4 – Discovering Career Paths

Module 5 – Identifying Audiences

Module 6 – How to narrow down the options

Module 7 – Why this works

Module 8 – Informational Interviews

Module 9 – Networking

Module 10 – Success Map

Module 11 – Financial Map

Module 12 – The Next Step




Included in this course are several mp3 recordings for parents that can help you help your kids make decisions regarding life after education.

  1. Podcast with owner Henry Tu – RizeU is a consulting firm based out of New York City that focuses on helping high school students get into the college of their choice and can also work with students on how to be successful in college.  This podcast goes into all of the facets of a college application, what colleges are looking for, what you should do on college visits and if your application should change based on the school to which you are applying.
  2. Podcast with CareerPro Inc. owner John O’Connor – John has been advising career-changing individuals for over 25 years in helping them make the jump to the career they want in their professional lives.  He has worked with college students all the way up to CEOs of major companies and his articles have appeared in Forbes Magazine among many other business publications.  In this podcast, John goes over how a person should prepare for getting that first job after school – no matter if “school” is high school, community college, the military or a four-year degree.  An excellent resource for any parent of a high school or college student.
  3. The 6 Obstacles Podcast – There are 6 obstacles that every person will encounter when going after any aspiration.  This podcast identifies them and shows you how The Dream Job Blueprint can help you overcome each one of these obstacles.  Hosted by The Dream Job Blueprint creator Bill Priestley.



At the end of the course, you will be introduced to a Private Facebook Page where you can ask questions, talk to other parents of teens doing the course and network in terms of helping your child get to know people that can aid them in the process of getting the job they want.


We have had Bill speak to our freshmen football players and you can see their minds change and prioritize what college could be about. Now it’s up to them to take the ball and run with it.” – MIKE MINTER – HEAD FOOTBALL COACH AT CAMPBELL UNIVERSITY AND FORMER CAROLINA PANTHER

“Simply outstanding. I have no hesitations in recommending this course to my network of friends.” – DAVE PETERSON, LIFE COACH

“It makes you think about what you’re really here [in college] to do. Not just get the diploma but focus yourself for life after college.” – COLLEGE STUDENT

“I wish I had this when I was in school. It would have made making a lot of big choices a lot easier.” – A PARENT

“I would recommend that any college freshman take his class [The Dream Job Blueprint]. It can help them make those initial choices about what major you want based on what career you want because when you know your dream job, the rest becomes much clearer.” – COLLEGE STUDENT

“My daughter was rapidly approaching graduation and was very overwhelmed with what to do next. After meeting with Mr. Priestley, she had a literal blueprint for how to go about obtaining her dream job. My biggest regret is that she was not introduced to The Dream Job Blueprint prior to her freshman year in college or even before.” – A PARENT

“I just wanted to say thank you for doing your dream job presentation. I have known what I have wanted to do for a long time but recently I have been having doubts about being able to do it but listening to your talk reassured me especially when you talked about not letting your dream die before you do. So again, thank you for your talk and for all of the amazing things you do for our team.” – A COLLEGE STUDENT-ATHLETE