Here are some of the commonly asked questions about The Dream Job Factory and the Blueprint.  If you don’t see what you are looking for here, please contact us and we’ll try and get back to you as soon as we can!

What ages are appropriate to get involved in this kind of training?

Children as young as middle school are not too young to start thinking about their futures – especially children in the public school system that may have to make choices between going on a college track or a trade track when they get to high school.  On the high end, students that have just graduated are not too old to take the training – especially if graduate school is something they are considering.

My teen isn’t a great student and they won’t like the idea of taking a course.  Is The Dream Job Blueprint for them?

The online course (due out in the Summer of 2017) is a good mechanism for students who might not be agreeable to the idea of “taking a course.”  Taught with short videos (most are under 4 minutes), these concepts steer the student towards things that they want to do and doesn’t try to drill information into them that they don’t want to learn.  The cornerstone of the Blueprint is keying on what motivates the student intrinsically – or what motivates a person from within and not from outside sources.

What is the difference between doing the online course and coaching?

While the online course can certainly give students a great idea of what kinds of jobs they will be attracted to, the benefit of coaching takes the Dream Job Blueprint to another level.  In most cases, students need more confidence once they figure out what they want in life.  The benefit of having a coach walking them through the process gives students that confidence they need to push through any barriers they might have.  Coaches can also work as mentors through the process – training the students to become more independent in their pursuit of a dream job.

Is this training applicable to adults looking for their dream job?

Adults can certainly go through the courses or use the coaching services to help them find the career they are looking for.  Where The Dream Job Blueprint might be lacking for adults is that it teaches students how to use their education to their advantage after they have picked out a handful of careers they might consider.  The Blueprint certainly caters to a younger audience, but adults can get quite a bit out of the training as well.

I’d like someone from The Dream Job Factory to speak at my school/church/organization.  What do I need to do to make that happen?

Our founder, Bill Priestley, is available to speak at your high school or college campus to student audiences and to churches, companies and civic organizations to adult audiences.  To get in touch with him, please use his personal website at